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If a material (Fabric, Lettering, Graphics, etc.) is unavailable at the time of purchase, Original Bows reserves the right to substitute a materal of equal quality and of similar appearance.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All bows are custom made by hand and some have a free-form design, therefore, allowing creative-license when designing and creating bows and bow holders. Similar fabrics may be substituted if there's an issue with stock.  If there is an error on the part of Original Bows, we will correct the order at our expense.  Please contact us as soon as possible if there is a concern with your order. (

We accept Credit Cards (Visa or Mastercard) as well as PayPal and Debit/Cash for direct in person orders.


Processing Time 
Processing Time varies depending upon the time of year, however most custom bows in small (under 12) quantities will ship out 2 weeks or less. Team orders will vary depending on the size of the team and the style of bow.

Please note that late summer/ early fall while everyone is preparing for the new season and again in the spring during Worlds season, are our most busy times. 



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